New Australia And New Zealand

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New Zealand is more than just a beautiful country, it is an investment opportunity waiting to happen. The land is filled with natural beauty and can be seen even in the big cities. New Zealand preserves the countryside because they know how important it is to be close to nature. The government is very forward thinking. New Zealand’s economy is growing and business opportunities are everywhere. The growing free market has increased development in many sectors of business within New Zealand. History
About 1000 years ago, Polynesian’s were the first to inhabit New Zealand. They became the Maori people. Then in 1642 the European explorer, Abel Janszoon Tasman, sailed to the island. Unfortunately his arrival brought about violence and Abel Janszoon Tasman left to return home shortly after the violence erupted. In 1769 two European captains land in New Zealand thus bringing with them muskets that start a war between waring Maori tribes. In 1840 some of the tribe leaders and the British Crown signed the Treaty of Waitangi, which brought the country under British control and gave the Maori equal rights as the British citizens.
In 1893 women were given the right to vote, in 1898 they started pensions, and in 1907 they founded a child welfare program. Since 1941 the country has had socialized medicine. New Zealand has signed several trade agreements. According to the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise website the agreements signed are;
• ASEAN-Australia / NZ Free Trade Area
• New
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