New Belgium Brewing And Its Effect On Social Responsibility

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New Belgium Brewing or NBB is a brewing company that stands apart from the competition in many ways. Who would have thought that a brewing company would be thought as an example of how an ethical and socially responsible company should be ran? The other part that is a surprise to most is that it is a fairly small corporation. It is nowhere near the size of a giant like Anheuser-Busch. So why is New Belgium so adamant about being different and a step above the competition? That is the overall focus of this case study. The main three points that will be discussed throughout the paper are, what environmental issues does the New Belgium Brewing Company work to address, does NBB’s focus on social responsibility provide a key competitive advantage, and can the company really be a socially responsible organization even though it sells alcoholic beverages?
Let us face the fact, the world will not be around forever, but with the right practices we can keep it around longer. Big companies use big energy, they provide the public with many services and products, but need more energy to do it. The push to become more self-sufficient and use more renewable energy is stronger than ever. We are seeing the “go green” movement taking the US by storm with more and more companies each year deciding to make the switch. Companies are seeing that the public is very receptive to companies that are environmentally focused and conscious about communities. The New Belgium Brewing Company is special

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