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New Belgium Brewing: Ethical and Environmental Responsibility


Belgium is home of the finest ales and have been known to brew for centuries. So when Jeff Lebesch, an electrical engineer from Fort Collins, Colorado took a bicycle trip through Belgium it made him realize there may be a market back home to sell Belgian-style ale. Jeff returned home with hopes to experiment and brew his own beer in his basement from the various ingredients he received on his trip. When his friends approved of the ales he started marketing them to the local town. He later opened New Belgium Brewing Company in 1991. His wife, Kim Jordan was the company’s marketing director. They named their first brew “Fat Tire Amber Ale” after Jeff’s
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Most important, the employees can earn stock, which gives them voice within the company to make pertinent decisions.
Environmental Stand The company has also reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 1800 metric tons a year by switching from coal power to a wind turbine, which was the first wind-powered brewery in the United States. They have also invested in a steam condenser that reuses the hot water that boils the parley and hops to continue making the next brew. Furthermore, they have sun tubes that provide natural daylight time lighting through the full year. They utilize a green design throughout their whole facility and have agreed to participate as of 2002 in U.S Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environment Design for Existing buildings pilot program. To even reduce air pollution, as an incentive, they provide employees a cruiser bike to encourage them to ride to work instead of driving.

The company strives through corporate giving, event sponsorship, and philanthropic involvement. It has donated more than $1.6 million to organizations in the communities where they do business. It maintains a bulletin board in each facility that post all community involvement activities, and proposals. Their sponsorships include Tour De fat, MS 150 Best Damn Bike Tour; Ride the Rockies Tour, which all donated proceeds to non-profit groups.
They have succeeded in being three time winners of Business Ethics magazines Business

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