Essay on New Billing Business Network Proposal

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New Billing Business Network Proposal

David Moser

Strayer University

CIS 175- Introduction to Networking

My neighbor comes to me about a small startup billing business, he requires an information technology design specification that will meet a tight budget $5000.00. Included in the business requirements are two workstations, Internet access, one printer, multiple email addresses, basic security, and a maintenance cost ceiling of $200.00 per month. I have made the following proposal to my neighbor to meet his IT needs.

To ensure maximum flexibility and reliability I recommend that the network be configured as a wireless only network. The number of devices is relatively small; two workstations, one printer and one router
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Microsoft Office 2007 is recommended for compatibility with other businesses, as Microsoft Office is the business standard for office document formats. For the same reason Adobe Acrobat is recommended for all documents that will be published as read only or as forms with active fields. Norton Internet Security is recommended with a 3-year subscription for updates to protect against malware. A UPS (one for each workstation) will protect both hardware and software from the common occurrence of power dips and surges that can cause damage and require maintenance and repair. The cost for each workstation with all the items I have discussed is $1500.00 U.S.
In order to save on monthly expenses and decrease maintenance costs I recommend sourcing both of these requirements from the same vendor. An ADSL premium service will meet the needs of the new business while also staying below the monthly budget constraints. It will provide Internet access at a bandwidth of 6 Mbps download and 768 Kbps upload which will cover the needs of a small business that uses the Internet for primarily email. This service includes a main email account and up to 10 sub-accounts however I recommend adding the Business Email service from AT&T which features 25 email addresses and a domain name for the business that will properly identify the new business to existing and future customers

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