New Business Proposition For Managing Various Locations Of Dunkin Donuts

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The Future Dunkin Donuts CARLOS GARCIA MGT 330 Management for Organizations Instructor: Nichole Vasser Tuesday, June 9, 2015 New business proposition for managing various locations of Dunkin Donuts is an interesting challenge. To determine what will be needed to open the new stores some questions must be answered. Although this chain of business is famous and well established that automatically does not mean that the new ones will be. The main question that must be asked is what will determine the success of the opening business. These stores will depend on the knowledge of the district manager, the manager and all hired employees to perform their duties according to standard set forth by the business owner. This assignment will outline the necessary breakdown of positions, training, work environment and advance opportunities in the proposed plan to open these new stores. Questions prior to the businesses venture will allow business owners and managers to paint a picture of the outcome of opening these businesses. Job Design Job design occurs when managers determine the tasks needed to be done, who will do them, and the selection criteria to be used to choose employees and place them on the job. This means that job design is the process of "organizing tasks, duties, and responsibilities into a productive unit of work" (Mathis & Jackson, 1997). Looking for the proper employees is a managers and human resources simple but unpredictable task. Deciding who to

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