New Capitalist Manifesto : Building A Better Business

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New Capitalist Manifesto: Building a Better Business Course: GMGT 4010 (A02) Professor: Dr. Howard R. Harmatz Student: Raees Ali Student Number: 7746966 Umair Haque, a next-generation economic thinker, has published a thought-provoking “New Capitalist Manifesto: Building a Better Business.” The premise of the book is that capitalism as a system has run away with itself, but it needs not to be abandoned. The theoretical or conceptual framework from its birth (industrial era capitalism) just needs upgradation. New capitalism could be, what Haque calls “constructive capitalism.” According to author, Capitalism as it’s functioned for last few decades is morally bankrupt and, more importantly, no longer works. Capitalism needs to be reinvented. And, in its new shape, it will help power a new generation of growth – but in a sustainable and long-term manner. This book, as a manifesto, outlines what needs to be done to ensure that this transformation occurs. The manifest really does provide some very concrete ways in which capitalism, as a global system, can be productively disrupted and help lead to the creation of what the author terms “thick value”. The key is the development of “philosophies” that create value rather than “strategies” that extract value. The notion of “thick value” that does no harm and doesn’t extract value from people, communities, society, the natural world and future generations is particular interesting and required for sustainable future.
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