New Century Health Clinic Case Study.

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Content Table:

1.Initial Study Overview

2.Project Feasibility

3.Preliminary Investigation

4.Fact-Finding Report

1. Initial Study Overview

New Century wants to develop an information system that supports the clinic's operations and future growth. The clinic is located near a new shopping mall in a busy section of the city. Its staff includes four doctors, three registered nurses, four physical therapists, and six office staff workers. It has a base of 3,500 patients from 275 different employers. By which many is provided insurance coverage for its employee wellness and health maintenance. Currently, New Century accepts 34 different insurance policies.

Anita Davenport is the office manager. She supervises 5 staff workers. Each
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If yes, is it reliable?

b.What resources are or can be made available to foresee this project?

c.What is the company's budget for this project?

d.Is there any substantial price mechanism that the company is independent on?

e.Is this solution acting on a cost saving measure?

f.Does the company have sufficient funding to due payments for maintenance of the network hardware and software, IT expertise, facility costs, licenses, and other related costs?

g.Are there special performance issues or constraints that will affect the way the solution is approached?

h.Can the configuration be built within pre-established cost and schedule bounds?

i.What is the risk associated with cost and schedule estimates?

j.Does the configuration represent the most profitable solution?

k.Are there any intangible or tangible benefits result from the project when it is being implemented?

l.What will be the economic benefit of a successful solution?


The project is feasible - given that the questionnaires asked and information received from various departmental personals are unanimously well sufficient and adequate. Essentially, the scope of function and performance is allocated to the technical aspects of the proposed system. Nonetheless, feasibility and risk analysis are related in many ways. Example - no member of the staff had computer experience. So the company maybe obligated to employ an IT personal to maintain the new system, and also guide

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