New Changes Of Transformational Technology Essay

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Question 2 In order for a company to be successful, it’s very important for the company to overcome any new changes in transformational technology. One of the best examples of this is University of Maryland University College. University of Maryland University College is a strongly respected state university that offers career-relevant and affordable education (UMUC, 2016). The university offers many undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees available for prospective students. While the university offers traditional classroom classes, the university prides itself in having a strong distance-learning program that allows students to take classes via online classrooms. The online classrooms are designed so that students still have interactions with their other classmates and productive lessons and discussions from their instructors. This option allows for many students who are currently fully divulged in their career to have the opportunity to advance without having to change work schedules to accommodate school. Today, our society has advanced into a truly technologically based world. Before University of Maryland University College offered online classroom options, it was faced with a challenge from transformational technology. The transformational technology that threatened their historical business model in this instance was the introduction of online classes vs. traditional in-person classes. The university handled this well and has received many awards for online

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