New Class ( Room ) War : Teacher Versus Technology By Samuel G. Freedman

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The overabundance of stimuli that comes from technology negatively affects the traditional classroom atmosphere and should be done away with. In the article “New Class(room) War: Teacher versus Technology” by Samuel G. Freedman, Freedman brings up the touchy subject of technology in the classroom setting and how numerous students and professors differ in their views concerning the use of technology. Within the article, Freedman talks about the uprising of students addressing the validity of the professor’s strike against the use of technology in the classroom. To call attention to the importance of the debated issue, the author opens with a shocking narrative about a professor hearing a phone ring during a class and then destroying the cellphone by, unabashedly, smashing it with a hammer (Freedman par. 2). This dramatic demonstration appalled the students and allowed Professor Ali Nazemi the opportunity to show the students how adamant he was about the policy against phones in class and what lengths he would go to adhere to the policy. The author goes on to explain that the elder generation sees technology as a way to communicate and gather useful information. In contrast, the younger generation views technology as a way of endless entertainment and self-gratification (Freedman par 11). The reader sees the two opposing views collide in the classroom with the professors beginning to feel as if they must entertain the students in order to gain their attention, but the
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