New Coke: A Brand Failure

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NEW COKE: A BRAND FAILURE 1 Analyze the ad agency Coke uses or if done in-house; how does Coke devise its IBP? Integrated Brand Promotion involves the blend and utilization of versatile communication tools that convey messages to consumers regarding the brand. (Thomas C. O Guinn, 2011). It is a unique, distinctive strategy that aims to embed the brand in the mind of the customer. In order to understand the integrated brand promotion strategy of Coca Cola, it is of crucial essence to delve into the marketing background of the company. The drink we know today as Coca Cola made its debut in May 1886 as a soda fountain beverage in Atlanta as a creation of a pharmacist known as Dr. John Pemberton. It was named by his bookkeeper Frank Robinson as Coca Cola and written in his distinctive, cursive handwriting, (The Coca Cola Company Heritage Timeline, 2011). With modest beginnings from nine glasses a day, Dr. Pemberton expired in 1888 without realizing its true value and potential. As a Candler acquired rights to the business and had a vision. One can say that the early days of this entity saw promotions created internally. This included coupons for free taste sampling and corporate items bearing the logo of Coca Cola at pharmacies. It was "aggressive" promotion that reached the people and required the drink to be available in different forms. John Pemberton ran simple, brisk print ads in newspapers and magazines that he designed himself. 1894 witnessed the bottling of the
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