New Copenhagen : An Urban Utopia For Those Seeking A Good Time

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Our city, New Copenhagen, is an urban utopia for those seeking a good time. New Copenhagen is a culturally diverse hotspot, and we specialize in small businesses and fine art. We’ve designed our city to make the most out of our space, with rooftop gardens to grow things on top of buildings. Our city is rather temperate, and we’ve paved it over. We import most of our goods, as we’re mostly a tourist city. We separate our zones sometimes, but we also combine them; Our residential areas are mostly separated from industrial zones, while mostly close to commercial.
Infrastructure-wise, we really try to stay on the cutting edge, we stick to green energy, and clean means of production. We have cleaner air because of this, and our life
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Our public education system is accessible to all, and no teacher’s unions are in place, due to other countries’ systems being corrupted. All of our public services believe in quality and quantity, so we can deliver the most impact to our community and its citizens.
As more and more public spaces pop up, many of those public spaces end up getting abandoned in the near future, which is a problem for many cities as they take up a lot of unnecessary space and cost the city a lot of money. So, the best way to deal with these is to renovate them and turn them into something newer and better for our environment. Out of the three public spaces we solved in our group, the best one out of all of them was the abandoned “Coaster Kingdom” theme park. This theme park was a small tourist attraction with 8 rides and an Olympic sized pool. It was a place where people of all kinds can come with theirere family and enjoy the rides. Unfortunately, the owners ran into a financial problem and had no other choice but to abandon it. It is now reduced to a bunch of broken parts and rides just collecting dust as it sits there for years. Another public space we solved was the sidewalk, where it is an old stone tiled sidewalk with nothing new and innovative added to it.
Our solution for the Theme Park was to remove all the trash and rubble and using all that space to
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