New Cultural Spaces Of India Essay

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Author, Editor, Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur, Ethnographer & Curator. Parmesh Shahani wears many hats with aplomb. This charismatic soul has a million-dollar smile that exudes warmth. He is someone who creates new cultural spaces and sees links between different things and derives great joy in connecting the dots. For him, the joy lies in bridging the different boundaries. He is working at the intersection of academia, business and the creative industries to explore what is means to be Modern & Indian. As ‘out & proud’ Gay Indian Man, Shahani hopes to be a catalyst for change in the near future. HOW AND WHEN DID YOU COME TO TERMS WITH YOUR SEXUALITY? It was the time when I was working for Elle Magazine and I was asked to do a story on ‘Changing Gay Scene in India’. It triggered an unsettling feeling in me that - why am I asked to do this in particular. I had a persecution complex and simply denied being gay. I kind of always knew but it was more about articulation than discovery. It was in my early 20’s when I came out to my mom. Well I must say that I kind of felt cheated as I didn’t get the usual unaccepting reaction from her, while I was all prepared for tears & drama. She found it quite normal and has always been my confidant. Indian men are spoilt by their mothers, gay & straight and I am one of those. Its good Karma that I have a mom who has been a constant support. BEING BROUGHT UP IN DIFFERENT CULTURES & CITIES, HOW HAS IT SHAPED YOU AS A PERSON? I feel

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