New Dannonpa V3 Game Analysis

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I created an album cover for the original soundtracks of the game: New DanganRonpa V3. An album which contains all the soundtracks used in the game. This is a mystery game based around high school students who are trapped in a school setting. In order to escape, students must murder each other and lie through a debate without getting caught by the rest. The design of this game is inspired by the infamous psychological horror film, Saw.

The design is largely made up of a colour that’s close to magenta. The reason being that magenta is used to represent the colour of blood in the game. There is also a hidden face within the texts. The weird wing-like shape and a dot is actually the eyes of the game mascot who is also a representation of the antagonist.

My design is partly inspired by two Pop artists, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. In terms of using a colour
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The brighter pink and a darker green.Not only do the hues create a contrast, the smaller and bigger shapes are also a example of contrast between shapes. All shapes and texts are tightly placed together to represent a feeling of unease and a sense of being trapped. Which is one of the major point in this game. There is no clear balance to this design. However, each lines leads to the where the title of the game resides to draw attention to the title of the game.

As I was creating this cover, I wanted convey a bright and lighthearted feeling. Which is what the producers want the players to think in at first. Yet at the same time, I wanted to hint a feeling of being trapped in a mess. This game is targeted towards older teens who seeks thrills in a game full of unknown pasts, mysterious murders, and deducing theories. Through my design, I believe I was able to create mix feelings within the target audience. A cover which makes them curious as to why a cover is able to have such bright colours, yet give off such an uneasy
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