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The most active First Hundred Days was under president Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s first term. In a desperate attempt to solving the woes of the American population, FDR and his Congress passed more bills than any other president-congressional combination as ever done in their first impression time period. FDR’s domestic policy, known more widely as the New Deal, was intended to be a group of innovative measures to counteract the effects of the Great Depression. Roosevelt and the U.S. Congress, trying to reduce unemployment, restore prosperity and return a sense of morale to American citizens, endorsed a wide variety of bills creating new federal programs and agencies. These agencies were known as alphabet agencies due to their titles…show more content…
Also, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which set guidelines for the stock market to prevent speculation like that that led to the Great Depression.

Despite those agencies mentioned above, the other creations of the New Deal led to nothing but trouble in the long run. Agencies such as the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), Works Progress Administration (WPA), and Public Works Act (PWA) created jobs for none other than young white men, excluding women and blacks to a large degree. These agencies provided so-called jobs to men, though they were not considered jobs to critics of the program, who called them boondoggling jobs. Some people were required to dig a trench, then fill it in again just so they could get a salary and say they had a job. Conservatives condemned this as a waste of government funds. The Tennessee Valley Authority, or the TVA, was created mainly to set standards for electric rates, but also for jobs, reforestation and flood control. In the program, Congress measured the cost of providing electricity to this region and determined standard rates. Conservatives declared that Congress was “pouring socialism in concrete.” This meant that by building the dams, the government gained the ability to control prices, a socialist concept. Also accursed as socialist was the National Recovery Administration, or NRA, which set up standard competitive codes for each industry, again giving government control of

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