New Direction By Metraca Angelou Summary

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New Directions By: Maya Angelou Revised by Metraca Clark Early in the 1900's Mrs. Annie Johnson found herself living in Arkansas with her two boys both of which are toddlers, very little income, struggling with basic reading and math. Adding to her stress of a horrible marriage gone wrong she was colored.…show more content…
William Johnson with the one-room house.Annie decided she would not be anyone's house maid and would not leave her boys in anyone's care but her own.With that said she knew she would not be hired in town at the cotton gin or any other factories, she had to try something different, with those words spoken to herself she felt as if she could "Mix groceries well enough to scare the hungry away and keep from starving a man." She made her plans very detailed and in the dark, She had to make sure she was ready, so on one early evening, She tested her plan, knowing that she had set up everything in order, she went home only to start her hours on end of boiling chicken and frying ham, Finally she finished her meat pies by putting it all together and going to sleep. Bright and early the next morning she gathered her meat pies that were wrapped in newspaper to soak up the grease and some fire starters to carry it all behind the cotton gin, where she would lure them out with the sweet smell of boiling fat, as the dinner bell rang the workers came out
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