New Drilling Technology For Utica Shale

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New Drilling Technology for Utica Shale
Petroleum is a key material when it comes to supplying people with energy and supplies. Petroleum engineers have the duty of producing the best tools that would make retrieving and transporting the material as efficient as possible. Natural gas and Petroleum has a large showing in the United States. Marcellus Shale has been a provider of energy to the Northeast. Within the past ten years engineers have found a whole new formation right below it called Utica Shale. Engineers are focusing on if there are different ways to get down to the Utica level efficiently and safely. If the new methods are more productive than the already existing technology companies will move forth with the new technologies. Engineers are focusing on waterless fracking, pipelines and drilling techniques to increase efficiency. “The Utica shale is a black, calcareous, organic rich shale of Middle Ordovician age”(King). It is found under Marcellus Shale and is located in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York and parts of eastern North America. Utica is a couple thousand feet below Marcellus Shale. Utica has large amounts of natural gas, crude oil and natural gas liquid. The United States Geological Survey estimates about 38 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, 940 million barrels of oil and 208 million of natural gas liquids. The formation is interesting due to its vast size and depth. Also, the gas and oil has very low permeability that

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