New Electronic Health Record ( Ehr ) That Can Better Support Future Patient And Healthcare Needs

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Introduction In the healthcare industry, urgent care organizations are often viewed by many as a disruptor in health care. This provides an impactful advantage for the urgent care industry, meaning it is an upstart that is changing the status quo by allowing patients to access care at the time and place they choose (Kulin, 2015). In the book,Where Does It Hurt? An Entrepreneur’s Guid to Fixing Health Care (Bush & Baker, 2014), reported a few stark stats that leadership presented to investors as to why our organization needed to make the switch to a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) that could better support future patient and healthcare needs. According to Bush and Baker (2014), the United States’ dysfunctional healthcare system:…show more content…
The New Electronic Health Record System In healthcare settings, it often comes up when documentation and information on use of electronic health records are not communicated effectively. The organization and its investors decided to transfer over to a new electronic health record (EHR) system —connecting care across the New England area and the healthcare continuum through three services. This new EHR system would drive results with industry-leading services, from practice management and EHR to population health services. These three services were crucial to industry success and were designed with the following formula: Network+Knowledge+Work=Results. When presenting the new EHR system to physicians, the project team requested the clinical providers ask themselves a few questions as they assessed the transition. A few of the questions that physicians asked themselves include: “Are we providing the best possible care to our community and patients?” “If I had more time with each patient, what would I do differently?” “Are the clinical workflows clearly mapped out, efficient, and understood by all staff?” “What would the staff think and who would the clinic handle if I were to be on vacation or away from the office yet stay connected to the clinic?” Transitioning to a new EHR system without disrupting normal day-to-day operations required
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