New Electronic Health Records Helping Staff

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Something to question is new electronic health records helping staff take care of patients or is it a burden. Nursing documentation is always necessary because it provides a reflection of what nurses do for their patients. Documentation helps ensures a flow with patient’s treatment team (Linton & Moon). When documentation is not done correctly or efficiently due to the new technologies it can place the patient at increased risk and added cost to the hospital. Many nurses feel too much time is spent on electronic documentation and not the patient. Nurses know that failure to document is hard to defend in court (Morales, 2014). Having standardized documentation in place can dramatically ensure that patients are getting taken care of, and not have to worry about missing or forgotten documentation and potentially finding health trends in the documentations (“The importance”, 2015). New documentation requirements are effecting nurses in a good way to make sure their care that they provide is being reflected on and noticed. The nursing education system continues to reiterate “If you did it, document it, if your do not document it has not been done”. In regards to medication administration, new technology has been implemented to help decrease medication errors and enhance accurate documentation during medication administration. It is called the bar code system. This system begins by scanning the patients identification ban; once scanned, that patients’ medication administration
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