New Employee Customer Service Training Plan

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New Employee Customer Service Training Plan The most important skill a new employee must be able to perform to have a successful career at the Retail store is customer service. Customer service is defined as an organization’s ability to satisfy their customers’ needs and wants (Ward, 2016). The new employees must interact with customers. The purpose of employee’s interacting with customers is to help them find the items they’re looking for (Ward, 2016). At the Retail store, customer service has a direct impact on our company’s image and reflects on how we take care the demands of their needs. To have a successful training plan, the presenter or department must work closely with upper management. Upper management have a more…show more content…
Therefore, to implement employer customer service training, it is recommended that a Needs Assessment be completed, as it will help give insight to the areas where training needs the most attention. The term needs assessment is a systematic exploration of the way things are and the correct way of how should they be. The Needs Assessment would expose any existing performance deficiencies and it should be done before the developing of the training program (HR Guide, 2015). The Needs Assessment can expose deficiencies in many ways such as; organization analysis which will analyze the organization’s strategic goals (Stewart & Brown, 2014). The organization analysis will give the Retail store insight on whether a specific type of training would be better for the employees. The organization analysis will measure the characteristics of the work environment in which will breakdown who’s attending and supporting training (Stewart & Brown, 2014). Therefore, if management supports the assessment than this would evaluate Retail store training climate. Training climate is defining according to Stewart & Brown 2014, “Environmental factors that support training, including policies, rewards, and the altitudes and actions of management and coworkers (p. 346). The Needs Assessment should include a task analysis which identifies the work performed by the trainees. Furthermore, it should cover
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