New Employee Orientation and On-Boarding

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Introduction Employee retention and turnover is an issue that most organizations face. A significant amount of money is spent each year in the hiring and orientation of new employees. Programs specific to welcoming and orientating new employees are referred to as New Employee Orientation (NEO) and On-boarding. In most circumstances, the Human Resources department is responsible for development of these programs. Journal articles were reviewed to gain a better understanding of the NEO and On-boarding process. This paper explores the two programs as they relate to organizational culture, the purpose, methods used, and effectiveness. It will also discuss the reasons why organizations should utilize these programs and the barriers to…show more content…
20). Individual or group orientation may be utilized. Group orientation has the advantage of creating a bond between the new employees. It allows new employees to immediately interact with those in other departments whereas in individual orientation the employee may not have the opportunity to meet employees in other departments. Organizations also may use internship as a method of orientation. Another method that could be used is a sequential process in which the employee must advance through various stages of orientation. Effectiveness Successful practices for onboarding employees include having the tools ready that an employee will need to complete their job assignments. This could encompass having their office ready as well as computer and email access. Partnering the new employee with a buddy or a mentor can also be effective. Many managers will give current and new employees the opportunity to interact in an informal setting. Failure to engage the employee with other employees and in some type of familiarization with the company is an ineffective practice. In most instances a well-defined and structured process must be identified in order for an orientation program to be effective. Barriers One of the barriers to implementing an effective New Employee Orientation and On-boarding program is how
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