New England As A Refuge For Puritans Essay

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Each group of early English settlers brought its own set of values and aspirations to the Americas. In various regards, some were more successful than others in establishing and maintaining their desired way of life. In building my own colony, I would seek to ensure the greater good rather than give in to the corruptive influence of materialistic desires. Colonial America can be divided into three distinct regions of concern: New England, the Middle Colonies, and the South. New England was a region with some aspirations of profit, but these aspirations were largely overshadowed by a desire to reform or purify English religion. Massachusetts was founded by John Winthrop as a refuge for Puritans escaping persecution. The Puritans were successful in promoting education, creating a sense of social cohesion, establishing a centralized form of government, and fostering a strong work ethic. However, the Puritans were limited by their demand for uniformity and assimilation. Only members of the Church, male members specifically, had any decision-making power. Religious fervor readily fed into hysteria when others failed to engage in traditional practices or beliefs, leading to many exiles and even death. The Puritans also failed to pass on their ideals to future generations. Younger Puritans did inherit a strong sense of work ethic, but it was more oriented towards profit than proving their salvation. The colony thus could not achieve its long term goals. Rhode Island was founded by
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