New England Medical Center Case Study Questions

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Case Study Frame the Problems/Issues into a Decision Question: frame the major issues and/or problems around a key goal or objective, differentiating the long from the short-run. The question might be "What is the best course of action for this case in order to achieve X"? In some cases the goals may not be clear. In the case of Tufts New England Medical Center (NEMC), there were major financial challenges impacting the facility. However, by 2005 the new CEO was able to create strategies that were able to transform their operating margins and ensure it was posting profits. The biggest challenges going forward are how they can maintain momentum in an increasingly competitive marketplace. This leads the question of: how can Tufts-NEMC adjust with changes in the markets and continue to remain at the forefront for innovation? (Kumar, 2007) ("Ellen Zane Leading Change," n.d.) Analyze the problem/situation by identifying the pertinent facts vs. assumptions. Ask yourself three questions: where did the facts come from, how do I know they are correct? Are they a final, reliable reality or an interpretation or an assumption? Be sure to identify your assumptions explicitly. What models or concepts are most useful to understand the problem? The basic facts and assumptions presented in the case are correct. This is because the health care industry inside the New England region is incredibly competitive. These facts and figures came from data that was provided in the case study. They
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