New England Vs Chesapeake Bay Colonies

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During the 17th century, England decided to start colonizing the newfound Americas after watching other European nations do the same. The first few English settlements in the Americas were founded in two general regions now known as the Chesapeake Bay, and New England. Although the colonists from these two regions came from the same place, they soon began to distinguish themselves as the Chesapeake Bay colonies and the New England colonies. There were distinct differences between the two areas which had to do with many factors, including reason for settlement, climate, and the people who came over. The colonists who came over, all sailed from the same place. However, their intentions differentiated quite a bit. The first permanent settlement was Jamestown in the Chesapeake region. The settlers who came here were looking to get rich in the new world. They were hoping to find lots of gold like the Spanish did previously. According to Percy (2017), “In December of that year, 104 settlers sailed from London with Company instructions to build a secure settlement, find gold, and seek a water route to the Pacific.” (para. 1). The main reason that the first settlers came to Jamestown was to find gold and a new ship route. They weren’t too concerned about making a lasting settlement for future families. They were more concerned with making money. The expedition to get to Virginia was funded by a joint-stock company. This meant that this colony had the intent of making lots of money.

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