New England Vs Chesapeake Colonies

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Although both the New England and the Chesapeake region colonies, which were located in Maryland, Virginia. Had been settled and ruled by the English, in the year 1700 the colonies had evolved into two very separate distinct societies. The first major cause of this differentiation lays in the very first reasons in which the founding of the two region's colonies were originally discussed and planned. For example in 1607 the London Company of Virginia, which is a joint-stock company, had been formed to settle in the Virginia area colony full of Englishmen. However the Company wanted this colony solely for economic gain for the mother country itself. As the (Document F), Captain Smith's history of Virginia, shows the first colonists spent a majority of their time searching for gold like the in Spanish windfall instead of planting crops. As a result, half of the colony died of starvation and malnutrition. Only Capt. Smith's assumption of dictatorial power and his use of draconian measures prevented the colony from collapsing completely, which was the saving grace. In contrast to the mercenary nature of Virginia, New England was founded out of altruistic and religious reasons. The Separatists, and later the Puritans who arrived in 1630, came primarily so that they might practice their religion as they wished, free of royal interference. As John Winthrop wrote, the settlers saw their colony as a noble experiment, a "city upon a hill" which was being watched by
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