New England Vs Chesapeake Colonies

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A World Apart Why did the New England and Chesapeake colonies differ so much? Although both these colonies where inhabited by people of English origin the similarities ended there. Such factors as motive of settlement, the settlers themselves and even geography of settlement all shaped these colonies into two very distinctive societies. The settlers who first landed in Jamestown had very different aspirations than the puritans who landed later in the New England area. Although both saw the new world as a land of opportunity their definition of this opportunity was very different. “Early Virginians at Jamestown hoped to find gold, they and the settlers in Maryland quickly discovered that growing tobacco was the only sure means of making money” (Corbett 73). These early settlers may have been let down by the lack of gold in the Chesapeake area however their motives remained the same. Britain at the time was becoming increasingly overcrowded and many people saw the New world as a land of opportunity. They not only sought jobs, but also had high hopes of scoring in big quickly without any intentions of staying. This would lead to many repercussions for the settlers when they found out that scoring it big in the new world wasn’t a possibly. They were unprepared for saying and this meant such things as growing crops and pulling in the harvest were not on the highest part of their agenda. The British companies that funded these
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