New England Vs Chesapeake Colonies

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While the people of the New England area and of the Chesapeake area came from English origin, by 1700 both areas had moved in two different directions. Both of these groups were “blessed” with issues that were unique to their regions, and each was forced to reconstruct their societies. As a result, the differences in the motivation, geography, and government in the New England and Chesapeake regions caused great difference in the development of each. As the regions began to develop, the motivation for settlement helped to shape the societies. New England had become a place where men looked for refuge from religious ill-treatment and was established as a “haven” for religious refugees. Despite this reason for settling, the New Englanders still attempted to spread their own beliefs of religion. As shown by John Winthrop in his Model of a Christian Charity, he preached to his people that “we shall be a city upon a hill”, setting a spark to the Puritans’ desire for a Holy Utopia. John other New Englanders practiced the belief that they must all work together. They were determined to “mourn together, labor and suffer together, always having before our eyes our commission and community in the work.” The Articles of Agreement laid out the basis for the New England region. These articles made New England a mix of rich and poor families, all being in possession of land and resolute in doing God’s work. However, while the New Englanders settled to create a Holy Utopia, the people of
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