Essay about New England vs , Chesapeake

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New and the Chesapeake’s both had significant and similar purpose to escape from Europe and make states that can allow their own freedom. However, in time both regions began to change and in most ways different in many divisions. Many of these changes or differences such as purpose for freedom, the climate and the environment, and political and economic structures through the changes. Each of these changed the regions own perspective and back ground thus making these regions very different in was unimaginable. Both purposes for each of the colonist had one goal to gain freedom of religion from the Restrictions in Europe’s. New England of which wanted to separate from the angelican church. The angelican church in was way had a very…show more content…
Climate I new England is cold and non fertile for plants to grow in any way. few farms could be made since how harsh the enviorment was. Most of the time the humidity of a state like newyork. This led to more uses of self resistance food made from that region for food. Corn , oatmeal , amd wheat were some knids of crop some farmers in the new England . This made farms in newengland more cherisable considering most of theres food had many benefits. Life was very harse and most civilians had low life expectancy considering the cold weather new England has also benefiting to malnutrition. Economics in new England were based on these conditions. Most of the food was made by fish and meat with out the good land , new England ports were created so that way ships from other regions could help bring food in new England thus increasing civilian help. This made new England much more industrial than the chesapeak reion its self. Chesapeaks own crops in a sad way were simplictic in a way. Tobacco made by the john smith allowed the effeciancy of rapidly growing this crop in a very good environment which allowed an exponential growth of crops based on tobacco. Labor was needed considering how simpiastic the economy was to gain cash, the use of indentured servent were created. This kind of economy is much more of a shallow way to gain money more like the government gets the benfit thatn the people them sleves.Life
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