New Entrants : Tesla's Ingenuity

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Threat of New Entrants: Tesla’s ingenuity in building the most efficient fully-electric cars blows up the competition in amount of range on a single charge (Up to 300 miles). The Ford Focus EV only touts a 100-mile range along with the Nissan Leaf while the Toyota Prius C only has a 50-mile range. (Mangram, 2012, pgs. 300-301). However, there seems to be an influx of competitors out there that can roll with the Tesla such as the Dodge Circuit that has a 200-mile range which will make Tesla sweat a little bit (Mangram, 2012, pg. 300). Then again, Tesla is 100% electric where all other competitors are hybrids (electric and gasoline).
IV. Internal Environment
A. Corporate Structure Tesla vehicles are produced in Fremont, CA where they produce over 1000 cars per week (“About Tesla | Tesla Motors,” n.d.). It has a specialized production plant in Lathrop, CA and an assembly plant in Tilburg, the Netherlands. They are currently building a gigafactory outside of Reno, NV that will produce the battery packs along with other technologies (“About Tesla | Tesla Motors,” n.d.).
B. Corporate Culture
One of the main concerns of Tesla is not the safety of the vehicle but safety of the customers and their families (Musk, 2013). What once was a list of patents for the technology of the electric vehicle, he tore them apart and offered the technology to be open-sourced to the public (“Musk Opens Tesla Technology to the World | ENS,” 2014). Elon Musk is more concerned with people using

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