New Era Marketing: Engaging Businesses

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Written by : Prof. Shikha Ajmera

Associate Professor, Taxila Business School

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New Era Marketing : Engaging Businesses


Marketing; the lifeline of businesses truly gives zest to the corporates and makes a striking difference to the brand and its equity. The ethos of marketing keeps changing with the times. As the customer becomes more knowledgeable, the customer contact through marketing plays a vital role in conversion of businesses. Today we talk about Marketing 3.0 i.e. the genre of marketing moving from products to customers and now to human spirit. If marketing touches and bonds relation with
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These creative people are the innovators and in collaborative world (influenced by internet) they are the key source points who connect consumers with one another. One of the key characters of creative society is that people believe in self-actualization beyond their basic needs of survival. As complex human, they believe in the human spirit and listen to the deepest desires.

The Age of customer advocacy:

Today’s businesses are based on the firm representing the customer’s interest by providing them complete unbiased information, advice on which product is best for them, joint design of products and a partnership that breeds long-term loyalty. So it would be right if we say, “advocate for your customers and they will advocate for you”.


Technology other than connecting companies globally also propels the consumers towards communitization. As shared by Seth Godin, Succeeding in business requires the support of communities. Today’s customers organize themselves in pools, webs or hubs. These consumers share the same values even though they may not regularly interact. What keeps them together is strong affiliation towards the brand. Companies should recognize this and participate in serving the members of the communities.

The age of Viral Marketing:

Viral marketing
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