New Era Of E Business Technology

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4. Business Re-engineering.


Technology becomes the backbone of industries in the 21st century. That being said, we believe that in order for an industry to remain competitive in the business world, industries must be adapted to the new era of e-business technology. In this project, we identified several key factors that we think are critical to MBB’s success. Hence, the ultimate goals are to transform the traditional business into e-business, cut costs and generate revenues. It has been proven that transforming to e-business will not only increase sales, but also cut costs, generate sales, and enhance scalability, accuracy and capability. In addition, this transformation will add bigger value to the company and we …show more content…

Here’s where SAP HANA takes a place. It connects different department together via database development platform that accelerate the business process and therefore top management (authorized managers) of each department would be able to share real time information. So if the customer changed the product or decline it, all department will be aware and able to track changes faster. Second Process, is where the head factory receive order list from the bill of material. The head shipping used to suffer from multitasking . From oversee workmen, calculate items and checking the status of the order, this old approach increases human error. To solve this issue, we added a small section within the department of the head factory and called it Quality and Assurance Section. There will be two officers working in this section, procurement officer and quality check officer. The head factory retrieve bill of material from the SAP platform where it automatically calculated the quantity of raw material, and send it to the procurement officer who verifies the quantity and send it back the head factory who approves purchases and signs it. Once the raw material is delivered after negotiating with best supplier from an approved suppliers list, the quality check officer checks delivered raw material, updates and

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