New Era of Cyberpunk Literature Essay

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Through years of advancements in the world, technology has become greatest aspect. The development of technology by incorporating the human mind and culture has brought about a new era. These are the criteria of cyberpunk literature, in which William Gibson's "Johnny Mnemonic" is a good example of cyberpunk literature. The novel reflects on how the human mind has been incorporated into the advanced technological world. This relates to cyberpunk literature because it follows the same ideas, but to a greater extent. Elmer Dewitt's "Cyberpunk" and Sterling's "Preface to Mirrorshades" both give an excellent criteria to cyberpunk literature in both aspects of culture and mind.

Cyberpunk is an aspect of technology that has been
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Dewitt excellently shows the relationship of the physical mind with technology and computers. "The cyberpunks look at those wires from the inside: they talk to the network as if it were an actual place- a virtual reality that can be entered, explored and manipulated." (Dewitt 60) This shows how the idea of cyberpunk literature is interconnected with technology as one. It allows people to express themselves in different ways. The idea of virtual reality was also presented in the novel "Johnny Mnemonic" when he is connected to the machine to extract his memories. The story clearly relates to this idea because it incorporates the mind conjoined with technology. "and one day I'll have a surgeon dig out all the silicone out of my amygdale, and I'll live with my own memories and nobody else's"(Sterling 12-13). This shows how this type of technology could be too influential in this aspect. Although, it is made clear in cyberpunk literature that it incorporates the idea of technology and the human mind as working together.

The second criterion of cyberpunk literature is integration of culture and technology. These aspects relate to how people join together and make technology and computers part of their culture and lifestyle. People have become more united because of cyber communities that have developed. The idea of using computers to communicate with one another is a great example of cyberpunk literature. People are able to connect in a