New Evidence Of Herihor 's Northern Political Expansion As A King Essay

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New evidence of Herihor`s Northern political Expansion as a king
Ahmed A. Faraman
The relevant paper presents a detailed study of a remarkable scene belonging to Herihor as a king. The scene is situated on the eastern inner wall of the court of the temple of Khonsu at Karnak. The scene, with a preliminary iconography characterization and translation of the accompanying texts, has been published previously. But still offers possibilities for additional analysis. The contents offer a great variety of novel queries; among which one concerns Herihor`s relationship with Hathor of Dendera, based on the iconographic detail representing the king receiving his regal epithets incised inside cartouches. The study examines the relationship between the king and goddess, and includes a discussion of the titles in the "Hb-sed" symbol surmounted by the crown of Upper Egypt. The present study, throughout the significance of the symbolism expressed by the scene, arrives at the conclusions of a clear geographical boundary; that Herihor, as a king, exerted control at least as far north as the region of "Iwnt" (Dendera). Introduction
The rise of Herihor as a King is an expected result of precedent introductions. Towards the end of the Twentieth Dynasty, specifically during the reign of Ramses XI, royal authority was faded and forced to definitely bow before the increasing influence and power of the ambitious high priests of Amon in Thebes. This was inevitable consequence resulting

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