New Experiences At The Nursing Home

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Since my last journal entry, I have had the chance to have new experiences at the nursing home. Not only do we get to view the jail tomorrow, which I know that all of us in the clinical group are excited to experience, we get to do a med-pass, and we will get the chance to go to Hospice. Hospice is a place that I had heard about and briefly knew about before coming to Riverside, but I really didn’t know that much about it. Every nursing home that I have had clinical at or worked at has had residents that are on hospice, but none have had a specific hospice house like Riverside does. Riverside is unique in the sense that there are residents there that are on hospice, but there is also an onsite hospice home that coincides with the nursing home itself. Over the past semester I have had two opportunities to spend parts of my day at hospice: the first day was when we had the 3 hour delay before starting clinical, and the second day was when everyone else besides Cody and I went back to the simulation lab. I will say that between the two days of being at hospice were a completely different experience than working in an actual nursing home setting. Part of the reason it is different is because the atmosphere of the hospice house is so much more relaxed compared to the nursing home. When in hospice, there is only 2 nurses and 2 LNAs per side, and generally there are less than 5 residents that the nurses and LNA’s are caring for. This is completely different than being on one of…

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