New Features Of Windows Server 2012 Essay

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New Features of Windows Server 2012 This proposal will provide a solution for the infrastructure of GAI. It will include a solution for GAI’s core IT services, such as DNS and DHCP. I will also provide a solution for application services, active directory and file and print sharing. This proposal will also address scheduling and manpower needed for the Windows network infrastructure to run smoothly, effectively, and successfully. Deployment and Server Editions My staff will implement 10 servers. We will combine the Accounts and Sales department roles will be combined. Because there is no difference between a standard and datacenter server technical capabilities, I will use Datacenter because of the virtualization rights doesn’t have a quota on VM’s used. Server Core will be put to effect in GAI’s network infrastructure to administer a low maintenance environment that will guard GAI’s network from attacks and a reduction of disks space usage. There will be four ++servers located at the Houston, TX location and one server will be at the Richmond, VA location. Each server and operating system will be arranged using Windows Deployment Services. Windows Deployment Services allow the deportation of images for GAI’s infrastructure. Multicasting will be used to send images and data. This will permit driver packages to be joined to the servers. Dynamic Access Control There will be certain permissions given to each department. Depending on the location of certain departments,
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