New Field of Research: Video Rewrite

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Research Proposal 1 Proposed Study 1.1 Title Video Rewrite 1.2 Background & Contribution Video rewrite is a new field of research aiming to utilize the photo-realism of real video input to synthesize new video output without having three di- mensional (3D) information of the scene. It can be categorized under the emerging field of image-based rendering (IBR) or more specifically video- based rendering. The main advantage of video rewrite is the realism it offers because it directly uses video frames from real life scenes. By finding simi- lar frames and restructuring the original frame sequence, video rewrite can generate very realistic looking animations or video loops without having to construct complex 3D surface models and movement models. [15, 25, 24] There are many potential applications for video rewrite ranging from commercial use in the movie industry, game industry, and special effects animation, to personal usage of presenting dynamic scenes on web pages. The areas that I am interested in researching are video texture generation and video-based animation. “Video texture” is a new media introduced by Schodl et al.[23] and it is simply a video that plays forever, which can be used as a picture that moves. The problem areas associated with video texture generation are similarity measurement between frames or regions within frames, segmentation of re- gions, and the
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