New Found Land By Allan Wolf

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The book New Found Land was written by Allan Wolf in 2004, Allan used striking poetic features and fictional characters to recreate Lewis and Clark 's expedition across the continent. There mission, find the fabled Northwest passage to the pacific ocean, this group of courageous Americans may never come back. Through his use of Historical and fictional characters, Wolf was able to showcase the different viewpoints of Lewis and Clark 's crew. One of the key characters that led the expedition to success was Meriwether Lewis. I chose to look up his last name due to the fact that his last name is the more well known than his first name. Lewis is the english form of the french name Louis, this form was also derived from the german name Ludwig…show more content…
Clark was derived from the latin word clericus meaning scribe or scholar, this is referring to someone who is educated. The name clark is almost a perfect name for him, he is accustomed to civilized life and finds it a hard time dealing with difficulties.”The discomforts and difficulties of our journey are now the most plentiful... The elk hide ropes threaten to break every minute. These ropes, like the skin clothing we now wear are rotting away from constantly being wet… The air is so dry, my inkwell dries up if I don 't close it tight,” (297 Wolf). Though Clark is not meant for the hard life in the wilderness he still was able to supply key information to the president. Sacagawea may have been the most important person in the Corps of Discovery, without her the trip would have ultimately failed. Charbonneau 's thoughts on Sacagawea “He knew that her job as interpreter was far more important than his. He knew that without her help, we might not make it over the mountains alive. He knew she was smarter and stronger than him. He knew she did not fear him,” (362 Wolf). The name Sacagawea means bird woman, I agree with this name, the book portrays Sacagawea as a wise woman who leads the crew in discoveries. I believe that Sacagawea Symbolizes the owl in her wealth of knowledge of her native land. Though
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