New Front Essay

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The New Front It was July 17, 1944, 11 days after the beach landings in Normandy and we already have started clearing nearby French towns and clearing hedgerows. 3rd Platoon which is mine was tasked with clearing the town of Point-Du-Monte. This town has about 20 buildings… left standing. The allied bombers have been peppering that area since before the landings. It was believed that German forces there were as strong as 300 and as weak as 50. Let’s just say, we were praying for 50. We started the next morning by loading up on trucks. We were going to be part of a 20+ vehicle convoy. The plan was, the trucks take us to a specified point, once there we dismount the trucks and move into the town and start clearing the buildings. It took…show more content…
We had to spread out and our plan was to converge on the town from three different angles. From the South, West, and East of the town. But as I was thinking it would be better to have four platoons not only for the extra man power, but to stop and Germans from escaping through the North road out of the Town to fight another day. We started moving towards and into the outskirts of the town which at this point mostly consisted of ruins. Everything around there was pretty flat besides the scattered craters left from the bombing. Farther down the road I could see that the church steeple in the center of the town was still intact, but the roof was on fire with holes that it was trying to escape through. And along that road where hedges so tall and thick that the Sherman’s have to have special blades installed on the front in order to move through them. It was also now a reoccurring thing that the Germans would hide their tanks behind them, then ambush the Allied troops once they moved pass them. Once the outskirts were cleared out and no one was found there we continued down that road towards the town center and that church. As we closed in on the town we heard sporadic gun fire to the east. You could even hear the distinct sound of the Germans dreadful MG-42, which we have nicknamed “Hitler’s Buzz saw.” Once we heard that our Captain who leads our platoon yells for us to hurry to assist 6th platoon to our east. As soon as we make it into the
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