New Frontier Touring : A Tour Booking Agency

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New Frontier Touring is a tour booking agency based in Nashville, TN. They represent artists from the indie-rock, Americana, acoustic roots, folk, and jazz genres. With over 75 artists on their roster, technology is an important aspect of the company and keeping the business running. On a normal day, there are ten booking agents, two contract department workers, and at least two interns there at a time, each one on their own computer using technology.
In today’s music industry, if you are not working, you are missing out. If technology does not do its job, important opportunities can be missed. The music industry is always on the go, and the live music industry is currently booming. New Frontier’s current target market includes the bands that would be in the genres that are listed above. They are a company that believes in their artists and wants them to trust that they will have help to grow and evolve to their full potential.
The job of a booking agency is to talk to the promoter of a venue to allow the band they are representing to play there. It isn’t always an easy task because prices must be negotiated, as well as the rider, support acts, and the length of the show. Once that initial phone call is made to work out a date for the show, the computers and booking agents must pick up the rest of the work, along with the contract department. The main program that New Frontier uses is FileMaker. Agents use that program to create deal memos that have all of the information

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