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New Large Aircraft (NLA) or New Generation Large Aircraft (NGLA) are the future of long distance air travel. With current air craft size reaching unknown proportions to humankind, airports that are interested in attracting future business as well as the revenue the large amount of passengers per flight may generate, will have to adapt their installations to the demanding needs of these supersized vehicles. The following paper will focus on the new Airbus A380 and the requirements that airports inviting this magnificent work of engineering to use their installations will need to meet.
Airbus announces the Airbus A380 as “greener, cleaner, quieter, smarter: the A380 is a game changer in terms of aircraft performance, cost efficiency,
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3). Airport design has always been an important part of any renovation project or new construction, yet even more light has been shed on this part of the process as the A380 and future models will require larger gates, bigger hangers and improved baggage-collection and passenger transport services. Yeaman states that “due to the aircraft’s high passenger volume…gate hold rooms may have to double in size, concourses need to be widened and capacity of ticket processing and customs areas may need to be expanded” (2001, p. 4).
Taxiway and apron separations may be one of the biggest challenges large airports are going to face when analyzing how to accommodate the new large aircraft. Due to the lack of space that most airports already suffer from to expand, the NLA’s wingspan will require even more room to maneuver. Mollman describes how Airbus’ A380 model will be able to operate at most airports that currently serve the B747-400s, however, as its wingspan is close to 262 feet, the A380 is the first aircraft in Federal Aviation Administration to demand a Design Group VI (2001, p.6). This group “establishes 200-foot-wide runways and 75-foot-taxiways [as well as] a separation criteria of 400 feet

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