New Graduate Nurse Residency Program

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A little over a year ago I graduated from a small Catholic college in Massachusetts. I have been a registered nurse for just over a year. I am currently in my last month of a new graduate nurse residency program at the hospital I work at. I work in the emergency room, which I absolutely love. Before I became a nurse, I was an emergency room technician for about three and a half years, as I was going through nursing school. Having this position helped me tremendously through nursing school. I was able to apply what we were learning in class to something I had seen at work. I wanted to go to get my master’s degree because I want to be either an adjunct clinical facility or a teacher later on in my career. I decided that this is a good time to go back, I do not have any children, and my schedule is not that busy right now. I would like to go back to my alma mater and teach clinical there. I know that in order for them to take me as an adjunct instructor, I need to have a master’s degree. Getting my master’s degree will also increase my knowledge, which will help the patient’s I help receive quality care.
Personal Philosophy
Nursing to me means that the nurse is taking care of the sick and healthy individuals of the population. Nursing means helping the community, whether it is with education or treatment. According to the International Council of Nursing, nursing “encompasses the promotion of health, prevent of illness, and care of the physically ill, mentally ill,…
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