New Graduate Transition, a Qualititave Study Essay

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New Graduate Nurses, Transition Shock
Rachel Gable
Grand Canyon University

NUR 433V

November 25, 2012

New Graduate Nurses, Transition Shock

Nursing is by nature a stressful occupation. Making that even more stressful, newly licensed nurses are being thrown into the profession more and more without the proper orientation and training. Although newly licensed nurses have achieved the legal and professional requirements of minimal competence to enter practice, studies indicate that many new nurses lack the clinical skills and judgment needed to provide safe, competent practice (Dyess & Sherman, 2009). The rapid deployment of new graduates into clinical settings where they assume professional responsibilities on the same
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The focus that they came up with for training these new nurses were in the areas of patient safety, communication proficiency, delegation and critical thinking. A qualitative study was done involving pre and post program focus groups and by using hermeneutic analysis. Focus group participants were asked several semi structured questions such as,” How would you describe yourself as a new nurse?” and” What topic areas do you suggest for the NNLI program to support you in your practice?’ Sessions were audio taped, transcribed and then organized into color coded data grouped by theme. I feel that these questions were appropriate for the study because the new graduate nurse knows where they are lacking in knowledge and common problems and challenges they face on a daily basis.
The study leaders reviewed literature in the article from American Organization of Nurse Executive Competencies (2005) and Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Fellows Competencies (Morjikian & Bellack, 2005) too help aid in learning content. The authors also included bits of information from a qualitative study done by Deuscher (2008). Both studies were similar in their recommendations for new graduate nurses.
The study concluded that there were several issues that face new graduate nurses today. These first issue was less than ideal communication. The most common reason for this issue is that new graduate nurses

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