“New Hampshire” By Robert Frost

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Robert Frost’s “New Hampshire” is not only is one of his longest poems but it also shows many different ideas that Frost may have had during his time in New Hampshire. The ideas presented in this poem range from poem styles to differences between states, advantages of being in New Hampshire, and even glimpses into the life of Robert Frost. The differences between the states Frost describes is obvious in this poem. Frost “[switches] back and forth between people the speaker has met and the conclusions he has drawn about them,” (Fagan) and each of people are described as being from a different state, representing that state. Frost first describes meeting “a lady from the South who said/…/‘None of my family ever worked, or had/A thing …show more content…
Last of all, Frost meets “a poet from another state,/A zealot full of fluid inspiration, /Who in the name of fluid inspiration,/But in the best style of bad salesmanship,/Angrily tried to mail me to write a protest/(In verse I think) against the Volstead Act;” the Volstead Act was the act that started Prohibition in the United States. Frost debases the poet by describing him as being full of “fluid inspiration” and then clearly stating “fluid inspiration” as being alcohol. Frost’s next line shows a clearer image of this poet when Frost describes the poet’s actions as being done angrily, giving the reader the since that the poet is an angry, passionate drunk. Frost’s goes on to complain that “He didn't even offer me a drink/ Until I asked for one to steady him,” meaning that when Frost did get a drink, he gave it to the poet to calm him down, (Frost). “It never could have happened in New Hampshire,” Frost says before he describes and exception; a man who tried to fit in to New Hampshire but did business in California. The man tried to have a farm but failed. When Frost asked how the man

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