New High School Graduation Requirements

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In 2007 the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) adopted new high school graduation requirements. In addition to completing the state’s credit requirements and demonstrating proficiency on state standardized assessments, students must meet three personalized learning requirements (PLRs): 1) completion of an education plan and profile; 2) participation in career-related learning experiences; and 3) extended application of personalized learning knowledge and skills in activities relevant to postsecondary and career goals. This process is intended to begin in grade 7 and continue through a student’s senior year. See appendix A for more details on Oregon’s requirements.

ODE and the Oregon Education Investment Board (OEIB) view the PLRs as critical to Oregon students’ postsecondary readiness and success. The two agencies are partnering with REL Northwest and the Oregon College and Career Readiness Research Alliance (OR CCR) to develop recommendations for increasing and improving PLR implementation at public schools across the state.

This report provides a review of research on personalized learning and promising practices occurring across the country. In this brief, we use “personalized learning” to refer to the entire process of completing PLRs. The process is often documented in and/or referred to as a personalized learning plan and includes participation in a variety of learning activities and experiences. This brief is intended for policymakers and
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