New History Textbook Analysis

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During the 1900’s there was a huge controversy regarding the information within history textbooks about the Japan and it’s neighboring countries. Two of Japan’s neighboring countries were not pleased with the way that these textbook were written so these textbooks needed to be changed. Those two countries would be South Korea and China. When writing about something that happened in a war you must remember to put in the correct information. The controversy going on between Japan, South Korea, and China was that there was a textbook that was being published about what happened during the Asia-Pacific war. In the late 1980’s and the early 1990’s there was an issue of changing what was written within the New History Textbook. The Japanese were not happy with this textbook because it focused mainly on the atrocities that Japan had committed during the Asia-Pacific war. Also, published within the text was the term “comfort woman”, this term refers to women and girls who were forced into sex slaves by the Imperial Japanese army. When the assessment of Japan is looked at it seems as Japan’s past is similar to Germany’s, but there are differences between…show more content…
Seoul and Tokyo had formed diplomatic relations, although Pyongyang and Tokyo were not able to from diplomatic relations. The reason these two could not form diplomatic relations was due to the fact that Pyongyang wanted an apology, but did not receive it. The Pyongyang protests focus more on the “comfort women” issue. The people of Korea were truly mad at Japan, they burned Japan’s flag as a protest and businesses had anti-Japanese advertisements. The ROK president, Kim Dae-Jung had called the for a meeting with the Prime Minister Koizumi of Japan in order to mend the relationship, but it was a
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