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Good communication between patients and nurses is very important for the successful outcome of personalized nursing care of every patient. This is because the quality of care provided by nurses is, in numerous ways, dependent on communication quality that is present between the nurse and the patient. However, in order to attain this, nurses must be able to understand and aid their patients while showing courtesy, sincerity, and kindness at the same time. Nurses must also dedicate their time to the patient to communicate with the needed confidentiality, and must not forget that this communication involves individuals who are around the ill person (Webb, 2011). Therefore, the communication language should be well
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Instead, the nurse just concentrated on explaining to her about UTIs.
Analyze the communication and consider how, had you been the nurse, the interaction and outcome might have been different
The interview really helped in understanding the impact the interaction with the nurse had on the interviewee. Clearly, she was able to identify some pros and cons of the nursing communication. Had I been the nurse discussing with the interviewee about her concerns of the recurrent UTIs, I would have begun my conversion by a simple hello and asked her how she was doing i.e. applied patient-centered communication. This seems like a simple thing to do but many nurses fail to ask this question to their patients probably because they deem it unnecessary and it does not occur to them that every patient needs to feel that they are cared for (Forman, 2011). Nevertheless, failure to start a nursing conversion with this simple question may send a lot of negative messages to the patient. For instance, they may feel that the nurse does not care at all about their wellbeing. Therefore, applying a patient-centered communication approach on the interviewee might have made her believe and perceive that I cared a great deal about her condition and the concerns she had about the condition.
I would also have ensured that
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