New Ideas And Innovation Within The Company

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Discover card is always about promoting new ideas and innovation within the company that like to hear feedback from employees on suggestion and tips to how to make daily work life easier. Every year each employees must submit an intrapreneurship which is the process of promoting innovation within the structure of an existing organization. Discover makes is easy they set up internal website that employees go to submit their idea. Discover then follow up with the process if proceed to go father with the idea or need so clarify information on the innovative idea. On the website also displays the progress on the Intrapreneurship and whether or not the idea was already submitted. If a person already submitted the same idea to the company it would have a red check next to the idea, but if it has a green check next the idea it was the first time that idea was submitted to the company. The average time the idea to be processed for an approval can take up 6 months depending on the necessary step to making sure that the idea benefit all employees that will be use it. According to Successful innovation depends upon effective communication of the business value of innovation. Yet different stages of the innovation process require different communication strategies. Companies who have recognized the different elements of the innovation process are able to target their communication mechanisms to achieve the best results from organizational innovation. When our card member…
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