New Jersey : The Real Deal

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Nuclear Energy as an Alternative to Fossil Fuels for New Jersey: The Real Deal ` The continuous use of fossil fuels is leading the Earth on a path to destruction. Generations of advancement and technological innovation being brought down to rubble. Natural disasters wreaking havoc on innocent people across the world. Temperatures soaring above 125℉ globally. These are the results of the excessive use of fossil fuels. A chief concern in the 21st century is global warming and climate change, and the continued use of fossil fuels for the technology and daily lives of humans is key to blame. Decades ago, these problems were much more daunting and seemingly unsolvable than they are today, with the use of alternative energy sources and new technology. Alternative energy sources are “greener” than fossil fuels because they reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere — different sources of this type of energy include: solar power, hydropower, wind energy, biomass, geothermal, nuclear energy, etc. Two prevalent and practicable alternative energy options that do not further harm the environment through the release of CO2 into the atmosphere include biomass energy and nuclear energy. Although biomass energy is a viable energy source for the energy consumption needs of New Jersey, nuclear energy is by far the better source because it is cost-effective, dependable for the future, and has an industrial power-generating capacity. [To begin with, nuclear energy is cheap

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