New Jersey V. T. L. O. Case Summary

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Impact of Court Decisions
New Jersey v. T.L.O
In the case New Jersey v. T.L.O., the student’s purse was searched after the principal had reasonable suspicion that she had cigarettes in her purse since she was caught smoking in the bathroom. The court decision in this case concluded that teachers are acting as agents for the state and are therefore allowed to search if they have reasonable suspicion. Students do have the Fourth Amendment right as all people in America have. However, student’s expectation of privacy has to be balanced with the needs of the school to maintain the educational environment. Schools do not have to obtain a warrant to search, but must have reasonable suspicion in order to search a student’s person or property.
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Williams is familiar with due to her experience teaching special education classes before becoming a principal. According to Mrs. William’s point of view, the Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act is a way to formally document how the school meets the needs of students with a documented disability and provide protection to these students while they are in the public school system (Williams, personal communication, 2/3/17). One of the major premises of Section 504 is that it prohibits discrimination of any kind against a student of any disability. Students with disabilities cannot be excluded from participating or denied benefits or be discriminated against under any program receiving federal financial assistance (DOE, 2015). Students with disabilities such as hearing or vision impairment, learning disabilities, or emotional disabilities can receive teaching accommodations as well by using a 504 plan. This plan ensures that students with disabilities receive equal access to benefit from any needed educational aid, benefits or services. Students with disabilities are entitled to a free appropriate public education just the same as non-disabled students. They need to have the correct tools provided in order to access this education on the same level. These tools might include larger print books, enlargements of paper assignments, or even a personal monitor that is connected to the teacher’s workstation in order to better see the board work like the other students. Students with other disabilities are provided the resources they need to access their education as normally as possible. Additionally, students with behavior disabilities are given the protections they need to be able to have time to work on making improvements. For example, a student in 2nd grade that was recently placed on a 504 plan for an emotional disability which can manifest in violent, inappropriate behaviors has certain rights now. He has
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