New Leading Edge Technology With The People And Process Steps

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Link to Strategic Imperatives This project shows a high link to strategic imperatives. The goal of the project is to align new leading edge technology with the people and process steps involved in administering the tests from those technologies to ensure the patient care output is both safe and cost-effective. This Six Sigma approach focuses mainly on optimizing time and human and equipment resources. With this optimization, they can achieve improved service delivery, reduced costs, and enhanced revenue. Specifically, with improved service delivery, improvements can increase overall patient satisfaction, which could potentially increase patient traffic. This shows that the project potentially affects the key metrics of the organization, namely costs and revenue, giving the project a high link to strategic metrics and goals. Application of Six Sigma Tools This project demonstrates medium application of Six Sigma tools. The team used process mapping and sub-process mapping for select modalities to help outline existing procedures. They also used statistical analysis to reveal trends and patterns in the processes. Brainstorming was used in the improve phase, and dashboards and balanced scorecards were used as control tools to monitor key indicators and ensure that the project remains on track. The tools seem to be used correctly, but there are not many specific details about the types of tools used to form some conclusions. The team also recognized that they must obtain CTQs
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