`` New Love : A Short Shelf Life, By Sonja Lyubomirsky

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Most people believe that love is the base of a blissful marriage, but marriage carries a bigger responsibility than just the happiness of two people. When a couple is united together under the contract of marriage, both partners have their duties in the relationship. They must share each other’s burden regarding to financial stability, caring for the children, and other factors in order to create a lasting marriage. To fall in love is a natural right that all human beings should have. But that choice also comes with consequences. An emotion like love is fickle and may not be everlasting like what we see in fairytales. People should pick their spouse based on emotional maturity, background, economics, and children rather than just love. Many people who are in love are guided by their emotions and this can cause them to marry on impulse. People emphasize on the freedom to choose a spouse without considering practicality. In an article from New York Times, “New Love: A Short Shelf Life,” the writer Sonja Lyubomirsky discusses how American and European researches had tracked down 1,761 people in the United States, who have been married over the course of fifteen years. The newlywed couples were passionate and clearly very happy, but this usually lasts on an average of two years (Lyubomirsky). A study that was done in Stony Brook University, showed that both men and women become less arouse after they repeatedly view the same image, this applies to married couples as well. Just

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